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It’s a beautiful studio apartment and a great learning experience. I love it. I’ve been going to school and going to work. I do my homework at the kitchen table. I make my own meals. It makes you feel more independent. And it’s in a really good spot—you’ve got some upbeat going on! —Deandre, tenant at Nipomo Street Studios

Nelson Street AG 2Our Vision

At TMHA we not only provide a safe place for our clients, we match them with housing that has the right level of care for where they are in their recovery.

The overarching vision of TMHA Housing is one of a supportive, structured environment that is recovery-oriented. Our programs are designed to be responsive to and respectful of the profound journey every client experiences.

People who live in TMHA housing are most often men and women who have grown up here or have family here, and who want to stay here. A significant part of TMHA’s mission is to help our community understand that people with mental health conditions deserve to live in a home they love.

TMHA has purchased and renovated buildings in both San Luis Obispo and North Santa Barbara Counties. We master-lease houses and apartments throughout the region, and work with landlords and community partners to provide as many housing opportunities as possible.

We start with a simple premise: a supported housing project must feel like a home to our clients, a sanctuary that represents hope, progress and security. A crucial component of our programs is re-integrating our clients into the community at large. Put simply, we are part of the neighborhood…and we want to do our part to keep it beautiful.

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Our Programs

TMHA maintains a great deal of successful supportive housing throughout the county. What do we mean by successful? A client moves into safe housing and receives a variety of supportive services. He or she remains in housing, and works on personal recovery goals that often include employment or education. Presently, our agency has over 300 clients in supportive housing located in local neighborhoods.

Whatever the level of need, we assist our clients in creating and sustaining a home they can count on. For a comprehensive list of TMHA Housing programs, click here.

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What Landlords & Neighbors of TMHA are Saying

“I have rented my property in the Laguna Lake area to TMHA for the last 20 years. The experience has always been positive with respectful, quiet and considerate residents and never any complaints from the neighbors. The staff is always available, friendly and kind. Transitions staff notified me promptly of any repairs that needed to be taken care of and with my permission found a licensed professional who would fix the problem quickly and reasonably. I would not hesitate to recommend a Transitions program as a reliable and considerate tenant for any home or neighborhood. I highly regard the organization and its very valuable work in our area.” —Pauline Menon

“For the last twenty-six years I have lived in San Luis Obispo near the downtown and for much of that time, Transitions-Mental Health Association has been one of my neighbors. In all honesty, when it was announced that a home in this block would become a youth protection site I was not entirely thrilled even though I applaud your commitment to this community need. Transition’s staff and residents have been outstanding neighbors and I’m pleased to have been the recipient of your kindness in helping get my yard work under control when my husband and I were overwhelmed with that need. I’m also thankful for all the warm holiday cards, flowers and general attention that only the warmest and best neighborhoods have in common. I know without a moment’s hesitation that if I need help or friendship, the Transitions staff is here for me, too.” —Barbara Wolcott

“There are a couple of factors that make TMHA outstanding tenants. One is that the same three residents have lived in the house the entire time. There have been no move-ins, move-outs or changing roommates. The residents are monitored by a case worker and have clearly defined responsibilities related to household chores. Both the house and yard are always well-maintained…Since TMHA started renting from me I’ve had no noise complaints, no neighbor issues, and the rent is paid on-time without fail.” —Betty Aten

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“We are in our fourth decade working with TMHA’s housing staff. They supervise and support the residents to provide a good home to good people, who live in our house three or four at a time. Well over a hundred times, we have visited the house for semi- annual inspections and to maintain and improve the house and grounds. On each visit, we have enjoyed brief, pleasant talks with TMHA clients. They tell us about their current training programs, their jobs, and their future plans. Within a few years each has gone on to live elsewhere. We are proud to have a minor part in TMHA’s huge, complex, and enduring service to its clients and to the SLO community.” —Jeff Bryant

“If there’s an issue we always know we can give a Case Manager a call and they will be responsive. We really like being able to provide both shared and individual housing, and TMHA’s track record was very reassuring to us as a landlord.” —Elaine Archer, Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo