It’s my belief that your organization has a clear vision for a great project. Bishop Street Studios will be a significant asset to our community and will also preserve the architectural heritage of San Luis Obispo. —Cliff Branch

Sunny Acres 4

June 2017: Re-apply for Tax Credit Financing; Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Project funds awarded.

March 2017: Applications filed for Tax Credit Financing and for Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Funds.

 January 2017: City of San Luis Obispo and San Luis Obispo County commit funds to the project totaling $1,476,000 from Inclusionary Housing funds, CDBG funds and HOME funds.

November 2016: San Luis Obispo City Council hears appeal of the project approvals and decides unanimously against the appellant.  The project is fully approved by the City.

September 2016: City of San Luis Obispo grants approval of architecture and environmental review. Click link to see Project Views. Click link to see City Staff Report.

June 2016: TMHA submits Architectural Review application to the City of San Luis Obispo. Click link to see Project Views.

Spring 2014 to date: TMHA works on the project details necessary for City of San Luis Obispo review of the project and project financing.

April 2014: The SLO County Board of Supervisors approves the Option Agreement with TMHA for the Sunny Acres building and surrounding 1.32-acre parcel.

January – December 2013: Work continues between TMHA team members and SLO County staff on the details of the Option Agreement.

August 2012: A revised proposal from TMHA is presented to the SLO County Board of Supervisors.

July 2012: The determination of General Plan Conformity is made by the City of San Luis Obispo Planning Commission on July 11, 2012.

May 2012: The City of San Luis Obispo receives a request from the SLO County for a determination of City of San Luis Obispo General Plan Conformity. California Government Code requires this determination for proposals to acquire or dispose of property by a governmental agency.

September – December 2011: TMHA undertakes examination of the Sunny Acres Orphanage building to determine the extent of needed repairs, building integrity and seismic hazard given the age and deterioration of the building. TMHA also undertakes cost estimates and project considerations relative to qualification for affordable housing funding from governmental sources. TMHA develops a preliminary plan for the site describing a feasible project and takes a revised request to the County Board of Supervisors. Based on the direction by the Supervisors, TMHA and the County of San Luis Obispo staff begin negotiation of an Option to Purchase a 1.32-acre parcel surrounding the historic building based on the general proposal to the County.

September 2011: TMHA requests SLO County Board of Supervisors consideration of the sale of a portion of the County-owned land located along and above Bishop Street. The proposed use of the property is to create a campus incorporating the existing “Sunny Acres Orphanage” building and adjacent property to develop housing to serve TMHA clients.

August 2011: TMHA is approached by the City of San Luis Obispo regarding the potential public good that could be achieved through renovation and reuse of the Sunny Acres Orphanage in the wake of several failed attempts to promote residential reuse of the property.